Back on Track Eligibility

If a driver has been convicted of Impaired Driving, Over 80 and/or Fail or refuse to provide a breath sample(aka a DUI) they will received a driving prohibition for one year or longer. If the driver wishes to get their driver’s licence back within that prohibition, they will need to participate in the early interlock program. In Ontario, that program is called Stream A or Stream B.

In order to participate in Stream A or Stream B, a person needs to sign up and complete the assessment for the Back On Track program before they have their driver’s licence reinstatement. The actual Back On Track program will be occur after the licence has been reinstated. The cost of this program is $634.

However, if you have two or more administrative suspensions, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario will require that you completethe Back On Track program before you can get your licence reinstated. The cost of this program is $294.

The Back On Track program is administered in Ontario by various local providers. Individuals who wish to participate in the Back On Track program can get information and register at

The Back On Track program consists of one of two courses. Which program the driver is required to take is up to Back On Track and determined at the assessment.

If the offender is required to take the one day ‘educational’ course, they will learn about the myths and facts about alcohol and other drugs, how alcohol and other drugs affect driving,the consequences of an impaired driving conviction and ways to avoid to drinking and driving.

If the offender is required to take the two day ‘treatment workshop’ course, they will learn about why people drink or use other drugs and how it affects our lives, their own alcohol and drug use and its consequences, how to commit to reducing or stopping problem usage of alcohol and drugs, learn strategies and skills for managing things such as stress, communication, anger and leisure, how to plan to avoid relapses and make healthier choices and how to avoid drinking and other drug use and driving while impaired.

In order to successfully complete the Back On Track program, the offender must not use alcohol or drugs within 24 hours of the course, attend all sessions on time, participate fully and provide correct information to the administrators.

If an individual is not able to attend a session, they must contact the administrators with 24 hours notice and provide evidence as to why they cannot attend.

After completion of the Back On Track program, the offender will be required to complete a follow-up interview approximately 6 months later.

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